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About Me

As a passionate tropical freshwater fish keeper for over 45 years, I have kept, bred and exhibited many species of freshwater tropical, temperate and coldwater fish. This has involved maintaining aquariums of a wide range of sizes, both as focal point displays, as well as practical set-ups for quarantine, breeding and growing on. Over the years the furbished display aquariums have taken on many guises including planted aquascapes, biotopes and novelty set-ups. 


As a Chartered Chemist, my scientific background gives me greater insight and understanding of the importance of water parameters, how to control, maintain and tailor them to the specific needs of a given aquarium. This coupled with a fundamental understanding of mechanical, chemical and biological filtration helps with establishing and maintaining the required balanced ecosystem in an aquarium. Ultimately this leads to healthier livestock, less costly mistakes, and greater pleasure from the aquarium.


Always keen to learn and challenge my knowledge I successfully completed an Advanced Diploma with the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA). This not only reaffirmed my practical hands-on understanding and skills but also a passion to use my knowledge to help others become more successful fish keepers.


Fishkeeping is not only an intensely rewarding and addictive pastime but has also been shown to help reduce stress. A carefully planned and well-maintained aquarium in the home will quickly become a focal point, bringing a slice of nature into the home.

Stewart Kessel CChem MRSC

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Founder of Freshwater Aquarium Services - Fishkeeping Advice and Help
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