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Temperature Converter

Creating the ideal environment for your fish is imperative, and the water temperature is an essential part of this. Fish are poikilothermic creatures, which means their body temperature and metabolism are controlled by their surroundings, i.e., water temperature. For this reason, you must keep your fish at their recommended natural temperature range. There are many great sources of information available in specialist books and online, but they often quote temperatures in different units of measure. This handy temperature converter will help you convert between these units and help you ensure you can monitor and maintain your aquarium at the correct temperature.

Temperature Converter

Disclaimer: Conversions are based on the following mathematical equations. The converter is supplied to make the mathematical conversions easier for you, but we suggest you always carefully check your calculations. 

Fahrenheit = (Celsius * 9/5) + 32

Celsius = (Fahrenheit -32) *5/9

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Items useful to monitor and maintain correct temperature:

Thermometer: ​Several different types of aquarium thermometers are available, but beware that some are far more accurate than others. Traditional glass thermometers of the design below are typically available at a low price point and, if from well-known aquatic brands, usually offer good accuracy. 

A good alternative for those that would like a digital solution is various systems that include a temperature probe, and the temperature can be remotely monitored, including on a smartphone. Some allow the set-up of alarms which can be a great aid especially if you have to leave your aquarium unattended for any length of time.  

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