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Aquarium Calculations

Are you having problems with your aquarium calculations? We know how confusing it can be doing your background research when different references of information use, for example, degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit for temperature. Or quote hardness as general hardness or German degrees or even Clark's degrees. Please don't despair, as Freshwater Aquarium Services are here to help with a range of aquarium calculators.


We can help you calculate the volume of your fish tank, convert it from litres to gallons, determine the correct dosage of liquid ammonia when doing a fishless tank cycle, or convert between the different units of temperature, water hardness, weight, and volume.

Aquarium Volume Calculator

You need to know the volume of your aquarium for many reasons, including determining the theoretical weight when filled. Its water capacity is also required when calculating the maximum fish stock level and the correct dose of water treatments, plant fertilisers, and medications.

Temperature Conversions

Temperature is typically quoted either in degrees Celcius (Centigrade scale) or Fahrenheit. Use our simple calculator tool to convert between them. 

Ammonia Dosage Calculator

When completing a fishless tank cycle, in the absence of fish waste, it is necessary to dose an ammonia source to feed and promote the colonisation of beneficial bacteria in your biological filter. This simple calculator will help guide you to determine the correct dosage of a liquid ammonia source. To learn more about fishless tank cycling, read our article and step by step guide.

Aquarium Fish tank Calculator
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