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5 Aquarium Gadgets for Christmas

Fish Keeping Christmas Gift Ideas

Aquarium Gadgets as Christmas Gifts for your Fish keeping friends
Aquarium Gadgets as Christmas Gifts for your Fish keeping friends

Is one of your fish keeping friends also mad keen on gadgets? Well, here are five aquarium gadgets that would make ideal Christmas gifts.

1: Seneye USB Home Solution for Aquariums

A smart device that continuously monitors water temperature and will alert the owner of any deviation outside normal parameters. With the additional sensor tile, it also continually monitors for trace levels of free ammonia (NH3), highly toxic to fish, alerting the owner so that they can intervene as necessary. Additionally, it also monitors the pH of the aquarium water (between 6.4 and 9 and hence suitable for most aquarium set-ups), a useful indicator of and underlying or emerging issues in the aquarium.

To get the most out of this gadget, we would suggest the additional purchase of the Seneye SWS Web Server - with WiFi module. This device enables the use of the Seneye monitor without a PC, and you can view the results directly from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

2: Inkbird ITC-306A WiFi Aquarium Temperature Controller

Suitable for use with existing aquarium heaters, this temperature controller adds extra peace of mind, ensuring that your fish keeping friends never have the unfortunate scenario of boiling their fish! It allows precise regulation of the temperature of the aquarium water, more accurate than commonly combined heater thermostats. This latest model has two temperature probes for added security and is controllable via an app on your smartphone. Warnings can be set-up to be sent as notifications to the phone, keeping the owner advised of any issues. The controller will cut power to the heater if your heater gets stuck on, acting as a fail-safe.

3: JBL ProScan Water Analysis Test Kit

For a quick analysis of aquarium water parameters, this JBL ProScan Water Analysis test kit is the way to go - offering simple test-strips with the measurements made and diagnosed using a smartphone app (Android or Apple IOS). Parameters measured include pH, nitrate, nitrate, KH hardness, GH Hardness, chlorine and CO2 level. Great for those gadget orientated fish keeping friends.

4: D-D P1 Single Channel Dosing Pump

For aquascapers, this device will help automate the dosing of liquid fertilisers, ensuring timely and precise dosages. The D-D P1 single-channel dosing pump has a tiny form factor and can be daisy-chained with other units as required. Set-up is through an easy-to-use smartphone app (Android and Apple IOS) where you can set the dose-volume between 0.1ml - 6000ml (accuracy +/-2%). Without a doubt, this device will be invaluable to any aquascaper that uses liquid fertilisers.

5: JBL AutoFood- Automatic feeder for Aquarium Fish

A practical, battery-operated, automatic aquarium fish feeder. Useful for those vacations when there is no one present to feed the fish. The JBL AutoFood feeder is suitable for use with granulated food types of up to approximately 3mm grain size. Programmable for up to 4 feeds a day, and an air connection point is a handy addition to help keep the food fresh over more extended periods. Mounting to the aquarium is achieve from the supplied suction cups or the 360-degree rotatable mounting bracket.

Author: Stewart Kessel CChem, MRSC

Advert Disclaimer: When you buy through links on our site, we earn an affiliate commission. Thank you, this helps pay for the site & helps keep it user friendly with minimal adverts.

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